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Payroll Service

The capability of Commercial clients to automatically debit and/or credit their customers/employees accounts.


  • The ability to electronically credit or debit deposit accounts regardless of the institution's location
  • Paperless transactions with descriptions
  • Software is available for an IBM compatible PC to provide the client with automatic access to this service
  • Direct Deposit capability of paychecks
  • Set of standard reports and a group of optional reports available


  • Convenience with accounts payable transactions
  • Saves time and money eliminating the physical paper processing
  • Easy access to the accounts ACH functions
  • Saves your employees trips to the bank
  • Gives you a clear printed picture of the daily operations


  • Generation Fee Per File: $5.00
  • Per Item Fee: $0.25
  • Per Return Item Fee: $2.00
  • Possible software costs, depending on option chosen.


Any commercial client with The National. A credit application is required and possibly other financial information of the client to insure creditability.