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Personal Savings Account

The savings account is an interest bearing account with no specific maturity date. However, if closed prior to being opened 90 days there will be a $20.00 fee.


  • Minimum opening deposit of $100 (No minimum for minors)
  • Quarterly statements
  • Unlimited deposits
  • Offers security through FDIC insurance
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free E-Statements


  • This account is available to any non-commercial customer
  • Convenient - you may open the account with only $100 and deposit more later
  • All account transactions will be included in one concise statement
  • Provides added security


  • No service charge with a minimum balance of $100 or more.
  • Minimum balance fee of $2.50 will be imposed every month if the balance in the account falls below $100 any day of the month.
  • Transaction Limitation: $3.00 for each withdrawal after six in the statement cycle.


This account is available to any non-commercial customer.