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Statement of Condition

As of June 30, 2016


Cash & Balances Due: Noninterest-Bearing Balances 19,645,000
Cash & Balances Due: Interest-Bearing Balances 76,262,000
Securities: Held-to-Maturity Securities 13,605,000
Securities: Available-for-Sale Securities 128,735,000
Federal Funds Sold 16,725,000
Loans and Leases Held for Sale -0-
Loans and Leases, Net of Unearned Income and Allowance 334,547,000
Premises and Fixed Assets 6,587,000
Other Real Estate Owned 239,000
Other Assets 13,657,000
Total Assets $610,002,000


Deposits: In Domestic Offices 546,897,000
Other Borrow Funds - 0 -
Other Liabilities 895,000
Total Liabilities $547,792,000

Equity Capital

Common Stock                                                                               4,727,000
Surplus 5,793,000
Retained Earnings 51,132,000
Accumulated & Other Comprehensive Income 558,000
Total Equity Capital $62,210,000
Total Liabilities and Equity Capital $610,002,000